3 Ways Digital Dentistry Can Make Your Ordinary Dental Visit Different

By definition, digital dentistry can be loosely any type of device or treatment methodology that utilizes computers or technology. While digital dentistry, on the most basic levels, has been around for many years, the advancements of modern technology have afforded a wealth of new ways for technology to be incorporated into everyday dental care. Take a look at just a few of the ways dental dentistry can make your ordinary dental visit much different.

1. Your dentist gets an in-depth look at what is going on in your mouth.

Digital dentistry is perhaps most commonly used to get a closer look at the inside of a patient’s mouth, their jaw bone formations, and the interiors of their teeth. While general x-rays are an example of digital dentistry solutions, the modern-day equipment is far more advanced. The dentist can get a detailed look that helps them perform treatment more accurately, and you get the best of treatment.

2. You gain access to more options for dental appliances.

Dental appliances, such as dentures, bridges, or even crowns, are all go-to methods for smile restoration. With digital dentistry, all dental appliances can be carefully honed and created to serve your mouth’s functions in the best way possible. For example, dentures can be carefully created using digital imaging of your gumline so they fit better once in use.

3. Your cosmetic dentistry options are far more realistic and suitable for you.

Imagine stepping into the dental office to talk about a cosmetic dentistry solution. Perhaps you are interested in dental implant restoration or cosmetic bonding. The dentist utilizes technological equipment to perform scans of your mouth, face, and existing teeth. They then reveal to you a generated image of what a specific solution could potentially look like. The information harvested is then used to draft your dentistry solutions. This is only one example of how digital dentistry is changing ordinary care. You get insight into solutions before they come to fruition; the dentist gets valuable data to make sure the end result is as perfect as possible.

Find Out More About Digital Dentistry in Sunset Hills

In the world of modern dentistry, professionals are granted so many innovative ways to help patients retain their healthy smiles. If you would like to see how we use digital dentistry to treat you as our patient and keep you smiling, reach out to us at St. Louis Prosthodontics in Sunset Hills to schedule an appointment.


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