Complex Dental Care

Dr. Shea turns the most challenging cases into beautiful, functional smiles.

If your dental needs are above the ordinary, beyond the typical, you are in luck, as Dr. Joseph F. Shea created St. Louis Prosthodontics with patients like you in mind.

Dr. Shea has seen, studied and solved virtually every type of dental problem and stays current on dental advancements through rigorous continuing education. There’s no dental issue too complex for him, including yours.

Dr. Shea specializes in Complex Reconstructive Dentistry.

Restoring and replacing damaged teeth is what the dental specialty of prosthodontics is all about. And as the only fulltime prosthodontist in private practice in the St. Louis area Dr. Shea excels at treating these conditions successfully. So if you have missing teeth, lost teeth structure and function, or other congenital or developmental oral issues, trust Dr. Shea with your smile.

Dr. Shea has spent a lifetime preparing for your care.

In fact, you should think of Dr. Shea as your dental architect. As a specialist in restorative dentistry, he has the unique skills to design and execute the blueprint for rebuilding the beauty and function of your smile. Dr. Shea is a highly skilled prosthodontist, offering you more than 20 years of experience, knowledge and technical excellence. He stays on the leading edge of dental reconstruction procedures through on-going education, training and certification.

Your new smile starts with a Comprehensive Treatment Plan.

Dr. Shea begins with the end in mind. He carefully listens to you to understand your goals, hopes and dreams. He answers your questions, clearly and honestly. Next, he researches and evaluates the potential ways to “create and build” your dental solution.

Then he presents his plan to you; explains his diagnosis, procedures, benefits, costs and timetable. And unlike general dentists, he sees complex dental cases regu­larly and has successfully performed them for years.

Your dental solution is one-of-a-kind — exclusively yours.

Your mouth and teeth are unique, so Dr. Shea’s customized solution is essential to achieving your goals. The result can change your life – provide you with new confidence, a more enjoyable eating experience, and a light-up-the-room smile.

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