About Us

St. Louis Prosthodontics provides solutions to your most complex dental problems to keep your smile beautiful and functional.

At St. Louis Prosthodontics we believe that personal care and attention to detail is essential to your dental satisfaction. It’s the way we’ve practiced dentistry in the St. Louis area for more than two decades.

You’ll find it’s a noticeable difference from your very first visit. At your initial exam and evaluation, Dr. Shea will take the time to carefully listen to your dental issues, needs and concerns.

Why? Because his top priority, before any work is done, is to understand your goals, hopes and concerns, and to answer all your questions, thoroughly and honestly, in clear, understandable language.

This way Dr. Shea makes sure the care you get is the care you need and want, and that your dental problems are truly solved.

Your personal treatment plan is clearly explained; it’s your complete strategy for success.

What distinguishes St. Louis Prosthodontics is the time Dr. Shea takes to plan each step of your care.

He researches, investigates and evaluates your dental issue. He studies all the various possibilities and alternatives and then designs a sound, customized solution for you.

It’s a comprehensive, personalized program to meet your dental needs, hopes and dreams. It’s a carefully crafted strategy to give you the beautifully functional and attractive smile you deserve.

He then presents it all to you, clearly explaining his diagnosis, strategic plan, recommended procedures, benefits, costs and timetable.

If this sounds like the dental experience you are looking for, we encourage you to call us at (314) 822-9446 today to get started with your initial exam and consultation.

Our commitment to providing the best care available…is our promise to you.

Dr. Shea prides himself in being able to find workable solutions to even the most complex of dental problems. He spends hundreds of hours every year keeping on top of the latest in restorative and cosmetic procedures — through journals, professional meetings and dental study groups.

Over the years he’s learned that just because something is new it is not always better. That’s why he studies new trends in care so he can understand what will work in the long run and what is just a passing fad. It’s all part of his commitment to you.