Can I Get Implants After Wearing Dentures?

Not too many years ago, dentures were the only choice for lost teeth. However, times have changed and now there’s another choice called dental implants. Many dental patients are interested in replacing their dentures with implants. But depending on the circumstances, it may or may not be possible.

What is Needed For Dental Implants?

Getting dental implants involve oral surgery, where the jaw bone receives a component that holds the implant in place. As such, the oral health of the patient is vital for a successful outcome. One of the most important things that is needed is sufficient jaw bone that is healthy. Those who have lost teeth may have been told that their jaw bone has been compromised. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t have dental implants. It just means that a CT scan may be needed to ensure that there is enough healthy jaw bone to accept the implants.

How Dentures Affect the Jaw Bone

Wearing dentures for many years can adversely affect the jaw bone. When there are no longer tooth roots, the jawbone actually shrinks. Dentures can accelerate this process. Those who have worn dentures for ten years or more may have issues transitioning to dental implants. One bad sign is if the dentures no longer fit correctly. However, only a dentist can determine for certain whether or not a person would be a good candidate for dental implants after wearing dentures. In general, the shorter length of time you’ve been wearing dentures, the healthier and stronger the jawbone is likely to be.

If you’d like to consider the possibility of switching from dentures to dental implants, talk to your dentist in Sunset Hills. You could be enjoying your dental implants just months from now if you get started today. Contact us for more details.


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