Comfortable Dentures

Let Dr. Shea show you how comfortable and functional dentures can be when they are crafted to fit your mouth perfectly.

If you’re struggling with loose-fitting, painful dentures, come to St. Louis Prosthodontics to finally find dentures that fit right. Dr. Shea has devoted more than two decades to denture fabrication and therapy.

Whether you need a partial or complete dentures, Dr. Shea will design dentures that look natural and fit right, right from the start. Dentures that let you chew without the ouch. Dentures that give you the confidence to give your broadest smile without the fear of slipping.

Plus if you are ready for something more permanent, Dr. Shea is an expert in dental implants. So be sure to ask him about the benefits of dental implants and how they can allow you to have dentures that are permanently affixed and let you chew like your original teeth.

For more information about dentures please contact us. Or to make an appointment call us at (314) 822-9446 or use the online appointment request form.