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Ceramic materials in prosthodontics

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Evan
 Ceramic materials in prosthodonticsCeramic materials are preferred because they are hard and chemically non-reactive materials that can be formed or deformed by heat. In prosthodontics, ceramic materials are used due to their biocompatibility, durability and in improving aesthetic outcomes in dentistry.

Ceramic crowns

The success rate of this operation is at 97 to 99% for over 5 years. Crowns are tooth-like shape caps that are placed over the damaged or decayed teeth. Ceramic crowns are highly aesthetic and mimic natural teeth with regard to color and translucency.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges consist of artificial teeth. They are anchored to an adjacent natural tooth. The reason they are used to create bridges is because they are strong. Ceramic bridges are considered to be very strong and durable.

Why ceramic?

First and foremost, ceramic materials are highly aesthetic. With their ability to closely mimic the natural appearance of teeth, they are color-matched to blend with the surrounding teeth. Ceramics also do not cause allergies meaning the oral tissues are compatible with them. In addition to that, they are strong and durable. The material can withstand deformation of approximately 0.1% before fracture They have the ability to withstand the forces of chewing without fracturing. This is what zirconia-based ceramics do. Also, when it comes to wearing resistance, they are your best pick. They have excellent resistance which makes them maintain their shape and function over the life of the implant.

You might be worried about staining, well, ceramics are highly resistant to stain and discoloration. This allows it to maintain its natural appearance. It is however advisable to consult your dentist whenever it comes to making the choice of your teeth. Our dedicated team of doctors are available for consultation and treatment when need be. Get in touch with us.
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