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Single Tooth Replacement

Diagram of dental implant with postAdjusting to tooth loss as an adult can be difficult. Losing primary teeth is one thing but when patients lose an adult tooth the effects can be devastating. A single tooth implant is a simple procedure which can help to restore the natural look of the face and provide a lasting artificial tooth solution. It will help to retain the underlying bone structure of the jaw and minimize the potential damage to surrounding teeth. Dental implants come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes in order to blend in with the other remaining teeth so they will be unnoticed. For those patients in need of a single tooth implant, why not come to our office at St. Louis Prosthodontics to discuss it.

Who Needs the Procedure?

Any patient who has suffered tooth loss can benefit from a single tooth implant procedure. When a tooth is lost the opposing force of the opposite tooth is diminished which can lead to jaw bone loss. If this happens, it can lead to periodontal disease and even greater potential for other tooth loss. The procedure entails embedding an implant directly into the jaw bone. This allows an artificial tooth to be placed which looks and feels like a natural tooth and maintains the pressure necessary to keep the opposing jawbone healthy.

Placing the Implant

One drawback is that the implant process can take up to a few months to complete. This is due to the length of time necessary for the implant to properly fuse with the jawbone. It takes time but the end result is an artificial tooth which can be brushed and flossed just like a natural tooth.

The single tooth implant has multiple components. The first section is known as the implant. This is the component which is actually drilled into the jawbone. This provides the sound foundation upon which the other two components are placed. The second section or component is known as the abutment. This is screwed into the implant and provides a solid foundation to which the third component is fastened. The third component is the only part visible above the gum line. It is known as a crown and can be tinted or shaped to correctly fit into the patient’s mouth. Once in place, it can be treated just like a real tooth. During routine exams and cleanings it will be cleaned and polished just like the rest of the patient’s teeth.

Whether caused by trauma, disease, or simply lack of proper oral hygiene at home, tooth loss can be alarming. Regardless of whether the tooth is along the front section of the upper or lower jaw where friends and family can notice it or if it is further in the back in the mouth where only the patient is aware, tooth loss should be addressed as soon as possible.

For those patients interested in having a single tooth implant, please contact us today at St. Louis Prosthodontics. We are always available to assess and treat your dental health needs. Give us a call today at 314-937-5487 to schedule your appointment with us.
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