The Steps to Restoring Your Smile with Complex Restorative Dentistry  

Prosthodontics is all about replacing teeth and restoring both aesthetics and function. When you have major dental problems, we are the prosthodontist in Sunset Hills, MO to call on for help. We specialize in restoring smiles for people who have even the most complex situations. Take a look at a few general steps of the process of restoring a smile through complex restorative dentistry.

The Dentist Will Discuss Your Goals, Needs, and Concerns with You

After a thorough assessment of your oral health, your remaining teeth, and your jaw structure, the dentist will discuss your options for restoration. At this time, the dentist will go over things like:

  • What types of restoration methods may offer the best end result
  • What health issues, if any, could affect the different treatment options
  • What you would like to see change about your smile

The Dentist Creates an Individualized Plan to Address Your Needs

With an understanding of your needs and specific medical concerns, the dentist will use his expertise to build a comprehensive restoration plan. Many complex smile restorations involve several combined treatments. For example, to properly restore your smile, the dentist may recommend:

  • One or more dental implants
  • Crowns or bridges
  • Veneers for existing teeth

The Complex Restoration Plan Will Be Carried Out

After Dr. Shea comes up with a full restoration plan, your plan will be further discussed and arrangements are made for the treatment steps to be carried out. Keep in mind, if you and the dentist have chosen to take a multi-step approach, you may need to come in for a few appointments.

Talk to a Sunset Hills Prosthodontist About Smile Restoration

Prosthodontics combines art, expertise, and superior oral health care to give you back a smile that you have lost or maybe even a smile you’ve never had. Reach out to us at St. Louis Prosthodontics to schedule your consultation appointment today.


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