Am I a Good Candidate For Dental Implants?

There’s a lot of good information about dental implants. More people than ever before are getting this transformative and restorative dental treatment from prosthodontics professionals in St Louis and surrounding areas. But little is said about the pre-qualifications for dental implants. Not everyone is suitable for this treatment. Are you a good candidate for implants? Here are some contributing factors to consider.


Certain medications can interfere with the success of dental implants. In particular, certain chemotherapy medications, corticosteroids and bisphosphonates and beta-blockers may put a person at higher risk for dental implant failure.

Periodontal Disease

If you have periodontal disease, you wouldn’t be a good candidate for dental implants right now. The periodontal disease would first need to be resolved. Then you can be reevaluated to determine your suitability as a dental implant candidate.

Jaw Bone Deterioration

A minimum amount of jaw bone is necessary for dental implants to be successful. If you have excess jaw bone deterioration, this could be a factor that makes you a poor candidate for dental implants.

Uncontrolled Disease

If you suffer from some diseases that are uncontrolled, such as diabetes, hemophilia, cancer or autoimmune disorders, you may not be a great candidate for dental implants. You will need to consult with your prosthodontist to review your individual circumstances.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

For dental implants to be successful long-term, patients need to take care of themselves overall. If you are a heavy smoker, drinker or fail to eat a healthy diet and get at least moderate exercise, the chances are much higher that your dental implants may fail.Only your prosthodontist in St. Louis can ultimately tell if you might be a good candidate for dental implants. Contact us today to request an appointment to learn about your options.

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